Toilet training

If there’s one thing the Germans seem to love, it’s explaining the obvious. Yep, you might think that your folks did a pretty good job toilet training you all those years ago and that you’ve been using toilets successfully ever since, but that is clearly not good enough for our German friends. Oh sure, they try to educate in “humorous” ways, but really, anyone who puts this amount of thought into the correct usage of toilet facilities is not messing around.

So, hold in that pee until the end of this blog post and you will be rewarded in toilet heaven…

Say NEIN to poo!

The sign says “All colleagues who don’t have their workplace here in the office, please pay attention to the following instructions from the Board!” The exclamation mark makes it fun…

There is then an entire laminated A4 page of instructions, which, if you actually took the time to read, you’d probably wet yourself. Two things spring to mind: firstly, did the people who do have their workplace in the office get some sort of special training which makes them exempt from reading the instructions? And secondly, did the Board members really take time out of their day to come up with a list of instructions, type them up and then laminate them? If so, that is some classic German efficiency right there.

You might think it goes without saying but never, EVER, pee out of your shoulder while holding your arms out wide. The Germans will not think you’re big or clever and there’s a fair chance you’ll end up peeing on your own hand – serves you right. Instead, perch on the edge of the toilet seat, hold an imaginary book, point your toes towards the ceiling and let rip. At least I think that’s what it means.

It’s no secret that the Germans like a good agenda – so much so, that they’ve even come up with a 5-point agenda for washing your hands. No, you filthy creature, you will not be spreading your dirty viruses on German soil. You will follow the agenda! Put your hands under running water (as opposed to unrunning water?), soap ’em up good and proper for 20 to 30 seconds, also between your fingers, rinse thoroughly and dry your hands with a paper towel. Got it? No? OK, here’s a more simplified version with no words and bigger pictures.

And just in case you’re still a bit confused:

Finally, one thing you’ve probably been using incorrectly all your life, is your toilet brush. Not to worry, the Germans are here to save the day.

No, you silly billy – don’t use it to brush your hair! Ganz falsch!

Toilet paper is used to wipe your Arsch, not a toilet brush! But you’re getting closer…

Ah, there you go! Yes, toilet brush for use on a toilet. Oof, the relief of finally figuring that out. I’d been wondering why my hair always smelled a bit funny.

Thank you, Germany. I’d never have got there without you. And now, dear reader, go forth and pee with Germanic abandon. But remember, not out of your shoulder.

33 thoughts on “Toilet training”

  1. I’d love to have these signs in English at my workplace. I work for a health department and you would think people would be all about hygiene but … ah …. no. I can only speak for the women (of course), but I am always amazed how many women do not wash their hands after peeing or pooping, dispose of paper towels in the toilet even when there are signs saying not to (we are NOT good Germans over here), and … wait for it … do not flush. Gross!!!!!

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    1. Sounds like Latvia all over again 😉 Despite ALL of the signs here, some people still don’t pay any attention. The toilet in one of my local bars is almost permanently blocked from women throwing in everything but the kitchen (or bathroom) sink – they have signs begging pretty, pretty please but they still have no effect! Why are people such idiots…? 😉

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      1. I don’t know what it is about paper towels and toilets. And we have those toilet seat liners that are left half-flushed … half still on the seat and half in the bowl so the next person has to deal with cleaning it up. Good grief. I complain to my husband and he starts to remind me of how much worse the men’s rooms were where he worked and then we just stop right there 😉

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  2. While they’re explaining things, they might want to tell that little guy perched on the edge of the toilet seat that it’s wise to take his pants (trousers, both, whatever you want to call them) off first. It gets messy otherwise.

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    1. I’m surprised there isn’t somewhere to sign at the end to prove that you’ve read it and are in agreement with the terms and conditions of toilet usage. That would be quite German 😉


  3. They do love explanatory signs in the bathrooms here! We have some icky ones at my workplace. Have you heard about the one that tells men to sit down while peeing??

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    1. Oh yes! They do like that one very much! I guess that’s what the little green guy is up to but he seems a bit far forward on the loo seat to make a successful job of it 😉

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